Nitish Aggarwal

PhD Student

I am a PhD Student at Insight@GalwayNational University of Ireland, Galway, working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under supervision of Dr. Paul Buitelaar. My research interest revolves around Text Relatedness and its applications. In particular, I am working on Entity Relatedness using Explicit Semantic Space.

I completed my four years B.Tech degree in Computer Science (Advisor: Prof. S.D. Samantaray) from College of Technology, Pantnagar, India where I got a better understanding with the foundations of Computer Science and some working experience with the various programming languages like C/C , Java and scripting languages. As my degree thesis, I implemented a Cross lingual distributed web search engine under the supervision of Prof. S.D. Samantray.

I have a working experience with European projects like MONNET (Multilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge) and PROMISE: Participative Research labOratory for Multimedia and Multi- lingual Information Systems Evaluation. I also worked as an intern on Medical Concept Resolution in Watson Project at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, NY