Second NLP for Digital Humanities Workshop in Galway

On November 26th, 2014, The Community of Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities (NLP4DH) in Ireland held their second workshop which took the form of a road-mapping exercise, with the goal of formulating a common statement on the shape and requirements for a Data Science infrastructure for Digital Humanities based on Natural Language Processing, Linked Data and other technologies, in particular in analysing and enriching historical, literary and other culturally or socially relevant archives.

Paul Buitelaar and Georgeta Bordea presented some of the results of a study trip that they undertook to the Netherlands earlier on November 18/19th, 2014, As The Netherlands has a long tradition in national funding for Digital Humanities, with a strong emphasis on analysis of textual archives with NLP technologies.

The community discussed other relevant initiatives that they will discuss and that could provide input for the planning here in Ireland.


  • Reception
  • Netherlands NLP/DH study trip
    Presenter: Paul Buitelaar, Georgeta Bordea (NUIG)
  • Lunch
  • Session on Drafting a Common Road-mapping Statement for
    NLP4DH in Ireland